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Comforts [Feb. 19th, 2017|02:12 am]
Lately I have been enjoying:
-episodes of The Avengers with Diana Rigg
-string cheese sticks
-sunshine (when I can get it)
-Hedgehog Fibres Yarns
-unsweetened iced tea
-balloon volleyball with my dad
-having a bed large enough to hold unsorted laundry, comic books, one bag of Ganong chicken bones, my watch, and papers in a pile along one side
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Reading [Feb. 3rd, 2017|12:22 pm]
Just read Arthur Miller's play "The Death of a Salesman", and it broke my heart. What a powerful work of art. I picked it up with my new library card. Getting this card is an acknowledgement that I'll be spending a lot of time in NJ this year, and I think it will brighten up the rest of the winter.

Dad has been OK, but he gets tired so easily. He seems to have aged twenty years in the last year, and I worry that he won't live much longer. He's quite frail.
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Hoo boy [Jan. 17th, 2017|04:20 pm]
Headaches at homeCollapse )
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Mindless splurge [Jan. 12th, 2017|02:02 am]
I bought mystery lip gloss today. It's a sealed container of shimmery scented gloss, and you don't know which scent you purchased until you open it up. Possible scents include cotton candy, bubble gum, mixed berry, banana, cherry, mint, vanilla, cucumber, and cola. I got marshmallow. Frankly, part of the surprise was the wee size of the tiny little plastic compact of gloss inside its larger packaging. Are my lips that much bigger than the target audience of this gloss? It's a cute little compact, though. It looks like a miniature macaron cookie. It now lives in the pocket of my winter coat.

In less adorable news, when my Dad gets tired (and he tires easily), he gets discouraged. Tonight, I asked if we could call some of my cousins to check in with them, and he said, "What am I going to say? You want to lie and tell them I'm doing fine, but I can't be any worse!" It's hard to know how to respond to that. His recovery has been slow, but he has been getting stronger. I wish we had some exercises to strengthen his morale.
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Checking in [Jan. 9th, 2017|01:00 am]
[Current Mood |sleepy]
[Current Music |Midsummer New York by Yoko Ono]

These ?s were nabbed from the 2017 Revival community on Live Journal. I'm not planning to join it, though maybe it would be fun.

Name: Heather; Age: 41; Location: New Jersey, of all places.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a mild-mannered artist, archivist, feminist and nice lady. Last Spring, I leapt into caregiving for my Dad without realizing it was going to be a longterm job, though it's rewarding. I have eschewed the traditional status symbols of adulthood (house, husband, kids, back pain, diamonds, whatever) but I still consider myself fully grown.

Top 5 fandoms: Generally speaking, I like movies, knitting, comic books, chocolate, and most elderly people. Those aren't commercial franchises, though, are they? I'm wearing a Muppets t-shirt as I type this, the last art I admired was made by Yoko Ono, and I bought a Wonder Woman comic book this week.

I mostly post about... my ridiculous life. I try to record good things that I want to remember, and sometimes I blow off steam by detailing bad things in all their dreadful glory.

My last three LJ posts were about... a favourites list, a round up of last year and news from a busy day in December.

How often do you post? How about commenting? I average about three posts a month, sometimes more. I comment occasionally.
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Current favourites [Jan. 6th, 2017|01:15 am]
Colour: hot pink on the darkest winter days
Food: Chicken stew with doughboys
Book: I'm excited to get the next issue of the "Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur" comic
Restaurant: All the pizza places around here
Pasttime: If I have a headache, having my head rubbed by my dad. If I don't have a headache, going for a walk.
Item of Clothing: I have a really soft pair of black leggings that I'm tempted to wear every day.
Thrill of the month: The Hallmark store near here is going out of business, so everything in the store is 75% off. I've been buying clear plexiglass display stands, stuffed animals, cards, and other gifts at rock bottom prices. I'll be gifting this stuff for years to come!
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2016 in review [Dec. 30th, 2016|09:48 pm]
This is a long entry reflecting on 2016Collapse )
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Farewell 2016 [Dec. 29th, 2016|11:42 pm]
Tonight was a good night! I made chicken stew with doughboys, which is one of my all-time favourite meals. My stepmother went to bed early, so I shared it with Dad, and he really enjoyed it. He's been having some trouble with his appetite, so it was nice to see him scarf down the stew, compliment the flavour, then eat some ice cream for desert. We watched some Family Feud episodes, then Dad stood up with his walker and walked to bed for the night. He was pretty sturdy on his feet.

It was a busy morning, because Dad's insurance company called to say he had an annual insurance payment due in January. We'd missed the written notice, and Dad became so anxious about our insurance lapsing that I said, "Let's go give them the money." We drove out to hand-deliver the check for the insurance. Then, the electrician came in the afternoon, and figured out that it's the chandelier fixture giving us grief, not the wiring in the house. So, we bought a new chandelier, and five new LED bulbs. The electrician, Jonah, is returning tomorrow morning to install it. Good grief, the money is just flooding away.
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I hate money. [Dec. 28th, 2016|11:04 pm]
[Current Mood |bitter]

For the last six months or so, we've overspent Dad's monthly pension money, and had to dip into his savings account. I hate spending from the savings account, so I battled Christmas with a miserly attitude to keep costs down. I got out of bed this morning with $40 in the checking account, and I was so proud that we made it through December without touching the savings.

Then, the overhead light in the living room starting shorting out with sparks, and continued to give us grief after we changed both the light switch and the light bulbs. So, now an electrician has to come over tomorrow, and when I made the appointment, he warned me that just stepping in the door costs $90. If he has to do anything, the price jumps up to $160. So, I have to transfer money from the savings account to the checking account for the electrician. I'm so annoyed and dispirited by this ridiculous, relatively minor setback. Ugh.

In other news, I grew up thinking there was no such thing as a bad meal or a bad show. I thought it was impossible to make a lousy movie, but in 1985, my friend's dad told us that we better not ask to go see "Santa Claus: The Movie" with Dudley Moore because it looked dreadful. I finally watched it this week on cable TV. It's not great, but it was fun to taste a forbidden fruit that was out of my reach thirty years ago.
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All hail the Live Journal [Dec. 25th, 2016|01:14 am]
[Current Mood |merry, I suppose]

A few friends have returned to making LJ posts, and I would be pleased to see it come back into fashion. Let eccentric weirdness grapple with negativity and triumph over new-fangled technology! Huzzah!

I slept in very late today- after noon. When I got up and went downstairs, Dad was still in bed, had hardly eaten, and hadn't done any of his daily stretches or exercises. It's a lot of responsibility to be the only one in the house pushing him to recover, but it's also true that we can both take a day off, so I let it go.

Here's a sample from one of today's aggravating moments:
Me: "Dad said he'd like to eat after this episode of Family Feud."
Her: "Okay."
Me: "All right? Could we get the food in fifteen minutes when the show ends?"
Her: "Yeah, okay. [five minute pause] Jimmy?"
Him: "Yes?"
Her: "What time do you want to eat?"
Dad has three responses when there is a failure to communicate with his wife: giving me widened eyes, ignoring it completely, or laughing hysterically. This time, I got the wide eyes.

I am enjoying American cable television this week. I've been watching old Christmas specials with Judy Garland, Sonny and Cher, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, and Perry Como.
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